About Knightsbay Dog Training

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Knightsbay Dog Training is owned and run by dog trainer, dog show handler, and dog show judge Russell Mosedale.

Russell is fully insured with Protectivity Insurance.

Russell has a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance.


Russell currently owns three dogs: Harry (Sussex Spaniel), Ozzie (Pointer) and Merlin (Field Spaniel).

Russell has been involved with dogs all his life, showing Gordon Setters and Field Spaniels with his mother under the affix of ‘Dubldee’.

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This led him to be an dog handler, under the affix of ‘Knightsbay’, handling eight different breeds knowing exactly how to get the best from his dogs. He has handled many dogs, to their show titles and others to Kennel Club Challenge Certificates, Reserve Challenge Certificates, and some to their Field Trial titles.

Russell is a successful dog show and working judge which takes him all over the country and internationally. He has been passed to award Challenge Certificates in 16 Gundog Breeds and 1 Hound Breed. Russell is also been passed for the Gundog Group at championship show level on The Kennel Club Find A Judge.

He has successfully competed and his dogs have achieved Field Trial Awards and Working Tests and also been Best in Test and Guns Choice.


Russell volunteers at the world’s biggest dog show and helps to organise one of the largest dog shows in the UK with up to 10,000 dogs entering each year.

Dog trainer in Leicester positive methods

Russell’s interest in dogs has not stopped there. He took an interest in the working ability of his own dogs and achieved great success, knowing how to make them listen to every command, using hand signals and whistle ability.

He has also been keen to pass his knowledge on, and has been doing Gundog Training for breed clubs and one to one training with excellent feedback.

Russell uses his knowledge as a dog trainer, dog show judge and dog owner to create dog training courses for all breeds and skills. He is always approachable regarding any problems or issues you may have.


  • IMDT Separation Anxiety and Related Disorders 2020
  • IMDT 2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer Course – Completed
  • IMDT Happy Dogs Course – Completed day course 2019
  • KCAI Scheme Member – Working Towards Accreditation
  • The Kennel Club The Eye For A Dog Assessment – Pass 2019
  • The Kennel Club Critique Writing Exam – Pass 2019
  • The Kennel Club Requirements of a Dog Show Judge Refresher Exam – Pass 2019
  • The Kennel Club Ring Stewarding Exam – Pass 2019
  • Russell has also completed many Kennel Club breed specific seminars which he as achieved passes in.



Russell has appeared in the following books with his training:

  • ‘Field Spaniel (Pet Love)’ by Becky Jo Wolkenheim 2001 (ISBN: 9781903098806)
  • ‘Gordon Setter (Pet Love Dog Breed)’ by Lavonia Harper 2001 (ISBN: 9781903098691)