Crufts 2020 results

We really enjoyed watching Crufts this year and celebrating client’s dog achievements. I am so proud of everyone who took part and thank you for letting me know how you got on.

Betty, Golden Retriever3rd Place, Graduate – Bitch
Dinky Dassie, Daxie Qualified for Crufts 2021
Diva, Norwegian Elkhound1st Place, Limit – Bitch
Dottie, Sussex Spaniel3rd Place, Junior – Bitch
Giselle, Dalmatian3rd Place, Puppy – Bitch
Grace, Scottish Terrier3rd Place, Post Graduate – Bitch
Harvey, Sussex Spaniel2nd Place, Junior – Dog
Obi, Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)1st Place, Post Graduate – Dog

For more information about the Crufts 2020 results check out Crufts Fosse Data website.